Vivint Equipment

Vivint SkyControl Panel $699

Navigate the user-friendly LCD touchscreen to control your security system. It includes 2-way voice communication, so you can speak directly to a monitoring center representative in an emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Detector $120

This detector alerts you of the odorless, tasteless, colorless, toxic gas before it can harm your family.

Smoke Alaram $120

This smoke alarm detects smoke particles as well as heat. It will alert Vivint professions to check on you and notify local fire authorities if necessary, all in less than a minute.

Door/Window Sensor $40

A door or window sensor lets you know the moment someone tries to open an entry point to your home.

Glass Break Detector $120

If any windows are broken in your home, you'll know about it. With a 360 degree sensing angle, the glass break detector will even work in areas with several large windows.

Key Fob $60

Arm or disarm your system, press a panic button, and open or close your garage door from up to 100 feet away.

Fixed Video Camera $149

Watch live-streaming video footage or recorded clips from any web-enabled device or smartphone. It's like you never left home.

Lighting/Small Appliance Control $39

Control a range of household devices, from curling irons to coffee pots, and instantly know if you accidentally left them on. You can also turn on your lights before you get home.

Electronic Door Locks $199

Unlock and lock your doors from anywhere. Skip making copies of keys—when you need to unlock your door remotely, just pull out your smartphone or other web-enabled device.

Pan and Tilt Video Camera $199

With a pan and tilt camera, you can view a large area of your home and watch live surveillance footage or recorded clips with a smartphone or any web-enabled device.

Smart Thermostat $129

Remotely control the temperature of your home from a smartphone or any web-enabled device. With 7-day programming, you can even set different temperatures for certain times of day.